There are numerous tactics and strategies hoteliers have used to weather the travel crisis and get back on their feet. Some are very creative while others are surprisingly simple. Changes to check-in and digitization of the keys Reducing human contact has been an integral part of fighting the virus, which is why hotels like the

SPACE Editor Sophie Harper looks at the definition of luxury and discusses the ways that translates into hotel design.   The way we define luxury has changed. Once upon a time, luxury indicated a kind of lavishness that was extreme in one way or other – whether that meant in cost or unnecessity, but almost

Carla Maia, Head of Marketing, JJTeixeira What does JJ Teixeira do and what makes its offering unique? JJTeixeira is the largest Industrial Woodworking Integrated Service company in Portugal. Our work is thoughtfully planned, innovatively customized, and responsibly made. We offer a complete 360º service, planning, manufacturing and installation of integrated custom-made carpentry, for the hotel

Javier Rodriguez, Head of Hospitality/Contracts Manager, PORCELANOSA Group What does PORCELANOSA do and what makes its offering unique? Founded in Vila-real, Spain in 1973, PORCELANOSA established itself in the UK in the early 1980’s and has had a strong presence ever since. In the UK, PORCELANOSA offers not only tiles but kitchen and bathroom products

“Nothing is possible without facts… a world without facts means a world without truth and trust,” said journalist Maria Ressa, who recently won the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. And as the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson acutely noted during the crisis, the recovery would be determined by data, not dates. Truth is synonymous with facts

Please check these brands out. It’s a who’s who of fresh, contemporary, international design. Hailing from Denmark, Spain, France and the UK, they’ll be showcasing their ranges that hit that sweet spot of work and hospitality. The spaces in a hotel that whisper the words ‘work. here. now’. Joining 100 other leading suppliers from the

Founder and eponymous Creative Director Tom Dixon is a restless innovator who rose to prominence in the 1980s as a maverick, untrained designer with a line in welded salvage furniture. Next month, Tom Dixon will join HIX Talks in collaboration with global bathroom brand, VitrA Bathrooms, following the launch of their new range: Liquid. In