Exhibitor Spotlight : Sekers

Lee-Anne Menzies, Digital Marketing, Sekers Fabrics

What does Sekers Fabrics do and what makes its offering unique?

Sekers Fabrics are an internationally known and trusted supplier of high quality, contract furnishing fabrics, based in Dundee. After more than 80 years in the industry we have built a strong understanding of the durability and safety requirements of the contract market and have developed an extensive range of fabric to suit the Hospitality, Leisure and Marine markets. 

How has your business adapted for the post-pandemic hotel and hospitality industry?

Consumers have become increasingly concerned about hygiene, safety and sustainability. At Sekers, we have become the UK brand partner of FR-One, the industry leader in Inherently Fire Retardant Furnishing fabrics. This partnership has allowed Sekers to cater to those that are conscious of the environment. FR-One’s new RE-Invent range features three new constructions that are manufactured with recycled polyester and certified by the Global Recycling Standard. All of FR-One’s fabrics are also environmentally safe and not harmful to human health. They are fully tested and certified under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 

Sekers also take hygiene seriously, stocking a range of FibreGuard and Aquaclean collections. The FibreGuard collections are highly durable and easy to clean while our Aquaclean collections are able to restrict microbial activity and prevent penetration of the fabric. The nano-technology Safe Front finish was found to be 91% effective against a feline coronavirus strain under ISO 18184:2019, making these collections a great option for the hospitality and hotel industry.

What can the hotel and hospitality industry learn from the global pandemic?

The hospitality industry must take into account the importance of health and wellbeing. Providing a spa, fitness centre or nutritious food is now no longer enough and the industry must innovate quickly with a particular focus on hygiene and sustainability to keep up with the wellbeing trend. 

Among the big social shifts to have occurred over the last 18 months (e.g. changing value expectations; hotels as workplaces; building trust and loyalty with Gen-Z; wellness; hotels as communities), which will be the most significant driver of change over the next 3-5 years and why?

We believe that the hospitality industry will continue to respond to guest’s demand for experiences that speak to their overall well-being. Hospitality venues have always been seen as a place to escape to. The challenges faced since Covid-19 took over the world have made this an increasingly important factor in hotels as consumers look to leave behind the stress and fatigue of daily life in search of a relaxing, refreshing experience that can connect them to nature.