HIX 2021: The Conversation

Warning. The HIX 2021 Conversation is not a list of unrelated, ‘must-attend’ seminar topics.

Instead, we’ve designed a conversation, which like the best conversations is considered, relevant and above all: it flows. There are six sessions, three per day and they form a natural thread. 

It’s all about understanding what your guests have just experienced so you can design your guest experience. We begin each session with a challenging theme. But ‘why not jump in super positive? We’ve all been locked down for the last year!’ we asked ourselves and yet felt it wrong to not face these challenges, head on.

Each session starts with a ‘social shift’ which is a lovely euphemism for a ‘bloody big challenge’. And in doing so we work towards a ‘bloody big opportunity’. Understanding your guests in a post-pandemic world is arguably the biggest conversation your community has ever had and by facing the questions together we find the answers together. 

How will it manifest on stage? Let’s take an initial social shift; financial anxiety and a societal revaluation of money as a result of the pandemic. Now, let’s explore real, meaningful value and how hotels can step up and deliver it. And that’s our first session. 

When we’re done discussing money and value, a natural progression is our relationship with work (I write these words in my garden, sitting on my daughter’s trampoline; things have changed in the last year). And so, we flow into our next session: Work. Step forward you brave, next-generation developers and designers to explore the hotel as an answer to the world’s workplace dilemma. 

The work thread then leads to the next topic of ’solitude towards togetherness’, and so on and so on.  

Over those two days in November in London we write the story of social change and challenge and how you can design and develop hotels as superheroes.

And that’s the HIX Conversation. Here’s a little bit more about the topics and we’ll share much closer to the event.

It’s free to join in, It’s your community, your conversation. So, join in and register your interest here.