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GMC Italia

The history of GMC Contract & Mobili goes all the way back in 1936.

It is the result of generations of highly-skilled artisans who handed down, from father to son, the ability to create true masterpieces of craftsmanship and style of luxury furniture contract.

It was these locally-based skills that in the last century, in the late 1920s, gave birth to a number of marquetry workshops (veritable schools for entire generations of craftsmen).

One of these was the workshop of Giovanni Monzio Compagnoni, became fascinated with the techniques of wood carving, characteristic of the low Bergamasco who was the first to perceive how his business could be transformed by bringing it up-to-date with the times.

Indeed, in 1979, Saudi Arabia became one of GMC Contract & Mobili’s major customers. From that date this company from Treviglio has developed villas, palaces and apartments for Saudi Arabia’s most important figures; prestigious achievements which generated contracts in Kuwait, Oman and Baherein and which displayed flexibility of technique and design, inspiration and sensitivity to the demands of a sophisticated clientele.

It was its developments in the Italian and European hotel industry that confirmed the dynamism of this company, which was increasingly developing “contracts” (a word which was added to its original name at the end of the eighties, when it became GMC Contract & Mobili), increasingly “serving an idea and trasforming it and making it possible”. A principle which has always been at the heart of GMC Contract & Mobili’s philosophy is the firm desire to create stable structures inside markets, by collaborating with world famous architects and designers. This entrepreneurial vision is also confirmed in the most recent public and private contracts.