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THP: From regional to global hotel project data and insights for the hospitality industry

We are at the forefront of the hotel industry on a global scale, offering essential information and analysis specifically tailored for suppliers aiming to establish or expand their presence in the hotel industry. Our extensive database covers both regional and international markets, providing vital details of upcoming hotel projects and development stages, as well as direct contact details for key industry players including architects, interior designers, developers, investors, etc.

What does THP aim to achieve?

Our main goal is to streamline our customers’ journey. Not only do we provide them with direct contact details, but we also save them valuable time by eliminating the need for exhaustive project searches. By providing real-time updates, we enhance their potential to increase sales in this highly competitive market. What sets us apart is a dedicated, multilingual research team that carefully gathers and maintains this invaluable data.

First-mover advantage & worldwide reach:

With the THP database, our clients have the advantage of being among the first to find a wide range of information on upcoming hotel projects around the world and in specific regions. In addition, each customer receives a dedicated AMTeam member for training and support for the database throughout their license period. THP’s research department is also available to assist with any questions about the projects. To stay up to date with developments in the ever-changing hospitality industry, our THP.News platform provides the latest news. Having this information at their fingertips, our clients can navigate the industry efficiently and accurately. As a result of our extensive coverage of global markets, they are well-positioned to take advantage of global opportunities.