HIX Talks: Exploring the future of hotel design

A curated speaker line-up including Areen Design, stroop, Tom Dixon, Conran and Partners, sieger Design, Studio Corkinho, Studio Carter, Stylt Trampoli and The Student Hotel, will tell the story of how hotel design has changed and what this new world looks like.

Featured sessions include:

Meaningful Value: James Chappell, Global Business Director of Horwath HTL, Thursday 18 November

20 years ago, if you went to a bank to get financing for a hotel project, you would have heard the laughter down the street. That’s all changed now; hotel real estate is all grown up but has the pandemic fatally holed the business model below the water line? How does the industry need to change to embrace this new world and when we talk about value, value for who exactly?

Meaningful value means providing solutions for those areas we know guests will have become increasingly concerned about since perhaps their last business or leisure trip. In particular, this will focus on hygiene and sustainability. GROHE believes a truly well-considered and integrated approach to sustainability can help bring that sense of meaningful value to a hotel in a way that can be understood, experienced, and appreciated by guests.

WFHotel: Tina Norden, Partner, Conran & Partners; Balkaran Bassan, Senior Designer, Areen Design; Vince Stroop, Founding Partner, stroop, Thursday 18 November

Inspired by the pockets of nature that an urban park provides, this “Work From…Hotel” installation explores a variety of activities that took place within these environmental sanctuaries during the lockdown and how these will emerge as transformational lifestyle staples in the post-pandemic world.

This session considers how easily “Wellness” can intertwine with “Work” and the role this relationship will play in future developments. We have been given the freedom to blur the lines of personal and professional and to create spaces that will keep us in harmony with nature, that are sensory and environmental, and allow for the flexibility of mood-based experiences.

All together now: Jason Steere, Managing Director of Brand & Experience, The Student Hotel, Thursday 18 November

We all naturally gravitate to partners who share our values whether that be in design, sustainability, locality or ethics. Some call that community but we call it Kinship. Jason Steere, The Student Hotel, is passionate about forging collaborations and togetherness and this talk should be a real highlight which LAUFEN is proud to support.

Quietness with attitude: Christian Sieger, Owner, sieger design; Hen’a Yadav, Principal, Studio Carter; Cédric Etienne, Founder, Studio Corkinho, Friday 19 November

Where can people recharge after a hectic and dynamic day? Hotels often only focus on the amenities necessary to be classified as a four or five-star establishment. But what about sustainable and natural materials? How about circadian lighting that supports people’s biorhythms and a bathroom that meets all their spa needs? This session explores the latest hotel room design/architecture, trends and innovations.

To the lighthouse: Erik Nissen Johansen, Owner, Founder & Creative Director, Stylt Trampoli, Friday 19 November

The story about a tiny, isolated, and windswept island with a deserted lighthouse. A place with no address – just coordinates. It’s a story about storms and shipwrecks, lobster fishing and seaweed cooking, glamorous Oscar nominees and weather-beaten lighthouse keepers. It’s about amplifying senses and new low-key luxury. And not least: how to reach 14 billion people. This session tells the story of Pater Noster, a home on the horizon…

Hotels have an opportunity to create safe escapes for their guests, by employing best practice and embracing new developments. Panaz, proud supporters of this session, focus on design excellence and unrivalled innovation, creating beautiful interiors that also keep us safe.

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