HIX/THINX: What goes into a signature hotel scent?

According to a study by the Sense of Smell Institute, human visual recall falls to 50% after three months, whilst scent recall lasts much longer, retaining 65% accuracy an entire year later. Likewise, Rockefeller University found that we remember just 1% of what we touch, 2% of what we hear, 5% of what we see, 15% of what we taste, but 35% of what we smell.

That’s why, in recent years, hotels have turned to scent marketing as a means to distinguish their brands in the memories of guests. 75% of daily emotions are generated by smell, after all, and if operators can tap into this rich vein of emotional resonance then guests are more likely to remember, engage with and ultimately return to a space.

HIX 2022 will highlight the power of scent through a partnership with fragrance specialist EcoScent, who will provide visitors with an olfactory experience across the show floor. We spoke to EcoScent’s Paul Goodwin to find out more.

What can a bespoke scent bring to the hotel experience?

An engaging immersive experience: a bespoke fragrance adds an enhanced and memorable customer touchpoint and provides a truly unique olfactive experience can enhance a brand perception. This is something that a visitor carries with them even after they have left the premises. EcoScent can create bespoke fragrances that add value in the context of corporate identity, brand launches or advertising campaigns – It’s a strong association that builds an authentic connection between guest and brand, and it comes into play every time the customer smells the fragrance, taking them right back to their stay

How does EcoScent translate brand values into fragrances?

Whatever the industry, the process and consideration for translating brand values into an olfactory brand are the same: we aim to understand each client’s brand DNA – their signature fragrance must represent and reinforce the brand’s core values and targeted demographic, much like in visual or auditory branding. Assessing the brand’s personality and tone, as well their values and the emotive quality of such values, along with the desired brand experience, we create a unified statement.
The art and science of creating a distinctive trademark smell are interlinked. Along with our Perfumer we work to develop the perfect perfume branding formulation. Some of the most important questions we ask at this stage are: Does the client  want the fragranced space as a warm welcome, focusing on primary entrances? Do they want a fragrance that covers the entire space or just the areas with the highest foot traffic? Does the fragrance need to be subtle somewhere in the background or a distinct statement? Once we have gathered the key details we make our recommendations to determine the fragrance to enhance brand loyalty, product assurance, increased sales volume, price perception, and customer experience

How does scent design interact with interior design and architecture?

Scents have been known to go beyond our rational perception, evoking memories and heightened emotions. Just as the interior design of a place needs to look ‘right’, similarly it is essential for it to feel right. As such, it’s important for all elements to come together within a space to create the ultimate experience. Scent Design is the olfactive process customised and aligned to a brand strategy or a “feeling” that a company may want their customer to encounter when they enter a space. Sometimes, we can be overwhelmed with visual branding, digital connectivity and messaging, but scent offers an emotional connection which is, in many ways, more powerful and resonant. With the right scent branding, the ambience of a space evolves and transcends the physical. 

Once you have a scent, how do you apply it to a space? 

Our scent machines feature advanced diffusion technology that converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry mist and releases it directly into an environment. This can also be connected to HVAC, Wall Mounted or Floor Standing diffusion components, and through the use of adjustable air aroma outputs and programmed operation times, operators can keep any sized space smelling great with little effort. 

What kind of scent can HIX guests expect?

EcoScent in collaboration with HIX has chosen the fresh welcoming fragrance of  Sandalwood, Bergamot and Citrus – ideal for Hotels lobbies. This embodies the woody base of Sandalwood with its relaxing properties of Bergamot and energising Citrus top notes, giving it a timeless feel and creating an inviting, memorable and relaxing experience for the HIX visitors.

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