NESTWELL Publishes 12 Symbiotic Principles For Hospitality

The new standard of Responsible Wellness and Wellbeing for the hotel bedroom, bathroom… and beyond. NESTWELL has announced the publication of its 12 Symbiotic Principles, the first ever set of guiding principles specifically curated for hospitality that incorporate the best of the WELL Standard, Slow Design and Design for Wellbeing.

NESTWELL’s guiding framework is the most comprehensive, holistic approach to wellness and wellbeing in the hotel bedroom and bathroom. Rigorous and deep, yet also accessible and adaptable, NESTWELL meets investors, developers, owners and operators where they are at in the adoption of Responsible Wellness (i.e. People, Planet, Productivity & Profit) – starting with the hotel bedroom and bathroom.

Co-founder of NESTWELL, Motti Essakow, in announcing the publication of the 12 Symbiotic Principles said, “When it comes to wellness and wellbeing in hotels, owners, investors and operators often don’t know what they don’t know – especially from the angle of design. That’s why we researched the fields of Environmental Psychology, Biomimicry and Restorative Biology, together with the established standards of WELL, SLOW and Design for Wellbeing to create a new standard for wellness and wellbeing specifically for hospitality.”

Leveraging the 12 Symbiotic Principles, together with 5 Key Experiential Features including Sleep, Movement, Water, Air and Light, NESTWELL has partnered with a team of leading design studios to create 4 distinct NESTWELL room types – Recharge, Equilibrium, Tranquillity, Unplugged.

Experiential and sensorial luxury thoughtfully designed – a typical NESTWELL bedroom and bathroom reflects a unique visual lexicon which highlights the next evolution of Quietude (Quietness with Attitude). Experientialism over materialism. Where the poetry of the décor encapsulates the essence of wellness brilliance and contented stillness of harmonious and balanced bedroom and bathroom ecosystem experience.

“It’s in the nuances and the journey that we differentiate ourselves. Every element that goes into the physical design of a NESTWELL bedroom and bathroom space is based on the belief that spaces are fully participatory in the wellbeing enhancing experience. Where even the essential is further redefined and refined”, says Essakow. See the NESTWELL installation at HIX. Get your free ticket here