Challenging and Transforming the Status Quo - A Space for Well(being)

Time to make the conventional ‘un’ - A Responsible Wellness and Contemplative thematic hotel room solution - that sets a new industry framework of Stillness in Motion and Motion in Stillness - integrating the best of the WELL standard, Slow Design, Silent Architecture and Design For Wellbeing.

At it’s core – Quietitude (Quietness–With–An-Attitude) – a Slow Hospitality journey of discovery – specifically a voyage around a room – each underpinned by ‘The New Comfort’ – experientialism over materialism – i.e. spaces which exult intentionality and contemplativeness that evoke enhanced physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing.

Officially and exclusively launching at HIX - Engage your curiosity and draw inspiration from an ode of creativity, responsible innovation and slow styles via three experiential and sensorial luxury thematic nestwell room installations – each highlighting and groundbreaking an industry transforming framework and solution of Responsible Wellness and Silent architecture.