Challenging and Transforming the Status Quo - A Space for Well(being)

Time to make the conventional ‘un’ with a responsible wellness and contemplative thematic hotel room solution that sets a new industry framework of stillness in motion and motion in stillness, integrating the best of the ‘well’ standard: slow design, silent architecture and design for wellbeing.

At its core is ‘Quietitude’ (quietness with an attitude), a ‘slow hospitality’ journey of discovery, specifically a voyage around a room each underpinned by ‘the new comfort’: experientialism over materialism, i.e. spaces which exult intentionality and contemplativeness and evoke enhanced physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing.

Officially and exclusively launching at HIX, the nestwell installation is an opportunity to engage your curiosity and draw inspiration from an ode of creativity, responsible innovation and slow styles via three experiential and sensorial luxury thematic nestwell room installations, each highlighting a ground breaking industry-transforming framework and solution of ‘responsible wellness’ and ‘silent architecture’.

The nestwell installation needs to be experienced. See it for yourself on the Gallery level just next to the HIX Talks throughout HIX.