All Together Now

We’ve decided that the only relevant theme for 2021 is ’All Together Now’. A celebration of collaboration and working together to make incredible hotels.

HIX runs on the same fuel that powers your business; creativity, energy, relationships and people. By the time November 2021 comes around it will be the perfect time to be 'All Together Now'.

Six Guiding Principles

To ensure that HIX Event inspires we remain constantly open minded whilst maintaining our purpose and ideals. The following guiding principles are born from these ideals and define the way that we work


In Search of Excellence


You Are The Content


Sketch Culture


Design Time


'There is no Hospitality like Understanding'


Design Strategy and Tactics

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Our edited list of 2021 exhibitors

Our Response to Covid-19

We hope that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and healthy during these challenging times

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