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Global Design Symphonies Through Turnkey Mastery

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The Genesis: Where Swiss Precision Meets Italian Artistry
In the tranquil heart of Mendrisio, Switzerland, a design revolution took form as Indelux. This Swiss domicile,under the visionary leadership of architect Marco Allievi, has become a crucible where Swiss meticulousness and Italian flair for design coalesce. The result is a unique brand identity that has set new paradigms in the luxury design and contract sectors.

The Global Canvas: A New Chapter in the UK
As part of its global vision, Indelux, with its international expertise, has inaugurated a specialized UK Division. This marks a significant milestone in the company’s international growth strategy. This expansion is not merely geographical; it’s an extension of Indelux’s ethos to infuse local design landscapes with a blend of Swiss engineering and Italian creativity. The UK Team is envisioned as a hub that will enrich the company’s global design narratives, adding a British nuance to its already diverse portfolio.

The Core Philosophy: The Art of Turnkey Excellence
At the heart of Indelux’s operational brilliance is its unwavering commitment to a turnkey approach. This isn’t just a business model; it’s a design philosophy that the team has meticulously crafted. From conceptual sketches to the tactile reality, every project is a curated experience. Indelux collaborates with a myriad of designers worldwide, ensuring that each project is not just a space but an evolving story that reflects the confluence of diverse artistic visions.

Craftsmanship Reimagined: The Symbiosis of Tradition and Innovation
Indelux’s production epicenters, situated between Milan and Como Lake, are more than facilities; they are innovation labs. Here, age-old Italian craftsmanship is augmented by state-of-the-art processing technologies. This harmonious blend ensures that every piece—be it custom-made furniture or an intricate interior installation—stands as a testament to both artisanal heritage and technological advancement.

Beyond Installation: Crafting End-to-End Experiences
The Indelux journey transcends the mere delivery of a product or completion of an installation. A dedicated team of local professional fitters ensures that the design vision, as conceptualized by Indelux team, is impeccably translated into the final setup, adhering to the highest quality benchmarks. Post-installation, clients continue to experience the brand’s commitment through unparalleled support and service, making each project a long-term relationship rather than a transaction.

The Portfolio: A Tapestry of Global Design Stories
Indelux’s portfolio is a kaleidoscope of global design narratives, each project a unique blend of cultural, aesthetic, and functional elements. The projects range from residential to hotels, yachts, offices, shops, or restaurants, worldwide, offering a turnkey service, from design to furniture supply, shipment, and white gloves installation. The company’s work resonates with a diverse and discerning clientele who seek more than design—they seek an experience.

The Future: A Vision of Global Design Leadership
Indelux is more than a company; it’s a movement aimed at redefining the contours of design and contracting. The recent UK expansion, underscores its ambition to become a global leader in design, setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation in every market it enters.