Exhibitor Spotlight – Carl Hansen & Søn

Suzie Joyce, Area Sales Manager, Carl Hansen & Søn

What does Carl Hansen & Søn do and what makes its offering unique?

For more than 110 years, Carl Hansen & Søn has specialised in providing the outstanding furniture craftsmanship that brings visionary design concepts to life.

Carl Hansen & Søn’s evolution has been deeply influenced by its long-term relationship with one of the greatest furniture designers of all time: Hans J. Wegner. The company is still family owned, with production in Denmark, and is the largest manufacturer of Hans Wegner furniture.

At Carl Hansen & Søns, we also partner with contemporary designers who uphold the core Danish modern principles of simplicity, quality, functionality and craftsmanship, while breathing new life into contemporary spaces. These collaborations are rooted in shared respect for thoughtful design and production, and in perspectives that bring new dimensions to our portfolio. Our partnerships with designers such as Ilse Crawford, Rikke Frost, Mads Odgård, Strand + Hvass, Anker Bak, Thomas Bo Kastholm and Morten Gøttler – modern Danish visionaries who embrace the legacy of great designers before them to create tomorrow’s classics – embody these values.

How has your business adapted for the post-pandemic hotel and hospitality industry?

Carl Hansen & Søn has always looked to investing in sustainable practices by keeping its production local, and this has become ever more important to maintain. Along with working with the very best designers and the finest materials, the company has a long-standing commitment to driving sustainable development.

During every step of the production process, we work to create both big picture strategies and simple, everyday solutions that help us care for people and for the planet. From investing in the most modern and energy efficient equipment to the ambitious goals we set for our production practices, we strive to leave behind nothing but beautiful furniture and a legacy of uncompromising craftsmanship. The hospitality industry is now looking to bring these principles to its community as standard practice and we are ready to partner with them on this journey.

What can the hotel and hospitality industry learn from the global pandemic?

Post pandemic the hotel industry has had more time to think about the impact of its choices on our environment. Carl Hansen & Søn products fit a more sustainable and lasting choice as well as bridging the gap between home and hotel in terms of comfort and quality.

Among the big social shifts to have occurred over the last 18 months, which will be the most significant driver of change over the next 3-5 years and why?

The working from a hotel concept really resonates with us. Guests want to feel productive, comfortable and able to relax as they did working from home. The next few years will see hotels specifying interiors which blur the lines between ‘working from home’ and somewhere to rest your head. Carl Hansen & Søn products fit this aesthetic and feel like home.

What products will you be featuring at HIX this year and why should visitors visit your stand?

Carl Hansen & Søn will be exhibiting in the Community Green area at the ‘WFHotel’ installation as well as in the Main Hall Gallery, Stand U11.

Familiar and much-loved classics, many designed by one of Denmark’s most celebrated designers, Hans J Wegner will be on show as well as a curated selection of works from the latest collections by names including Rikke Frost, Fabricius & Kastholm and EOOS.

Is there anything new and exciting in the pipeline for Carl Hansen & Søn that you can share with HIX attendees ahead of the event?

We are continuing to evolve and work with our creative collaborators on new collections which will be unveiled across the year ahead. Visit us at Hix and we might just share some of our exciting plans!

What are you most looking forward to about HIX 2021?

We have so much to share and present to visitors to Hix. Engaging with potential clients in real life again is something we are most looking forward to.