Two studios. Two immersive installations. Two visions of hotel design’s future.

This year we’ve partnered with London’s Blacksheep and Wroclaw’s MIXD to create a pair of hospitality interior experiences that explore the big issues facing guests, designers and operators alike.

Celebrating the possibilities of hotel design, and guided by our theme ‘a room with a point of view’, each space examines an era and an industry in flux, looking to the near future to generate a pair of immersive spatial experiences that engage the senses whilst challenging the purpose and functionality of traditional hospitality interiors.

MIXD / Unfinished

Set in the Collection space, MIXD’s ‘Unfinished’ explores themes of travel and visual storytelling, along with the role of technology in hospitality experiences and the design process itself. Built in collaboration with Hansgrohe, the space will form the social ‘town square’ of our boutique Collection exhibition.

WHAT’S ON //  Following a mainstage HIX Talks session exploring the inspirations and influences behind the space (16 Nov, 15:00), MIXD CEO and Design Director Piotr Kalinowski will join the Hansgrohe x Always Thinking roundtable ‘building better together’ (16:00) back on the stand. Then join the studio for a HIX social session (17:00) soundtracked by a bespoke HIXtape from playlist specialists Music Concierge. Find MIXD at A41.

Blacksheep / The Umwelt Paradigm

Everybody – and every living thing – has a different way of seeing the world. We all inhabit our own sensory bubble, and bring our own ‘umwelt’ to each environment. But does the same thing happen in reverse? Can the spaces we inhabit change us too? Do we shape them, or do they shape us? This is the question at the core of Blacksheep’s ‘The Umwelt Paradigm’ – a mezzanine installation exploring elements of hyperlocality, displacement and meta-modernism via an adaptable space that will transform and change across the event.

WHAT’S ON // Hear the designers discuss The Umwelt Paradigm during a HIX Talks mainstage session (Nov 16, 12:00) followed by a tour of the stand (13:00). Later on the space welcomes installation artist Juliette Ezaoui for a live performance (15:00), before an evening social session with music from special guest DJ Dolenz AKA Neil Andrew. Other Blacksheep activations feature terrarium workshops with Botanical Boys and a conversation with the Montcalm East team about the process of activating and programming a storied hospitality brand. Find Blacksheep at U25.

The Umwelt Paradigm will also host the winners of Kindling – the HIX-supported design initiative and competition championing the work of Ukranian design students – who will be celebrated with a ceremony (17 Nov, 14:00 – 15:00) where they will present their post-war hotel concepts.

Register for free to experience this year’s HIX installations.